The Season Begins

Every year for the past five years,a group of us guys, and as of last year 1 girl have gotten together at the beginning of the NFL season to pick our choice to win the Super Bowl. We each throw ten bucks into the pot and its winner take all.

Over the five years the pool has evolved. The first year there were only half a dozen of us involved and if my memory serves me correct none of our teams even made the playoffs (I went with the defending champion Buccaneers of the City of Tampa that year). This year we added a new twist where entrants will be allowed to change their picks after the ninth week, where the player who picked last will get first crack and so on in reverse.

After the first year, the winners each year have been Me(New England), Tim(Pittsburgh, I had Denver with a fairly low pick), and last year Jeremy(Indianapolis, I had the Cincinnati Criminals, I mean, Bengals). This year I have decided to keep a running commentary on the pool standings. Each week, I will list the entrant, team, record and draft position and along the way make disparaging comments on all my competitors choices, although not necessarily all of them every week, no matter how much they outplay mine.

Alas, there is no prize for trash talking or I would be the undisputed champion going on his drive for five. I am giving almost everyone a first week bye.

So without further ado:

1.) Mario San Diego 1-0 (1)

2.) Gareth Indianapolis 1-0 (2)

3.) Carlos Dallas 1-0 (3)

4.) Chris Seattle 1-0 (5)

5.) Dallas New England 1-0 (6) Nooooooooooo!!!!!!

6.) Jeremy Denver 1-0 (11) Great day for Travis Henry and he did it without fathering any more children……. I think.

7.) Brad Carolina 1-0 (12) Is this the year he reverses the curse?
8.) Kristen New Orleans 0-1 (4) They can’t be that bad, can they?

9.) Lyle Baltimore 0-1 (7)

10.) Kendall Chicago 0-1 (8) At least he had the Rider’s Banjo Bowl perfor….oh yeah right.

11.) Donald Jacksonville 0-1 (9) I’d put myself last except for……

12.) Paul Philadelphia 0-1 (10)

All that being said, one game does not a season make. At least I’m really hoping so.


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