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1928 Eatery Burger, Brazen Hall Wings

After yesterday’s first Fried Chicken Fest entry, I’m returning with a post on the1928 Eatery and Brazen Hall entries. These two fit with my intention of trying new places this year.

Little Bones Chicken Wings
Little Bones Chicken Wings

I really like fried chicken. I grew up in the era when KFC only meant the U.S. version. Korean Fried Chicken hadn’t really made it over here(remember, I’m old). Now, thanks to events like Fried Chicken Fest, I get to try many different version of fried chicken.

That’s one reason I want to try more dishes than I did last year. However, I don’t think my wallet or waistline will appreciate me trying two a day, for ten days. Nonetheless, Thursday features two different dishes.

1928 Chicken Burger.
Poblano Escobar Spicy Chicken Burger from 1928 Eatery & Pub

Once again, I’m leaving comments open, so if there are any Fried Chicken Fest dishes you think I should try, let me know.

Brazen Hall Jang Jang Wings

Trying two dishes, I figured I would make one of them light. The Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery Jang Jang Wings seem like a good choice. I ordered them through Skip the Dishes. I ordered in advance for the 2:00 – 2:30 pm timeslot, and was very pleased that they arrived pretty much on the stroke of 2:00.

Boxed up Brazen Hall Wings
The promise of bold flavours on the Brazen hall box.

I suppose if you purchased one of the other, spicier versions of wings from Brazen Hall, you might wish to observe the “eat cautiously” notice on the box. In the case of the Jang Jang wings, it is fine to throw caution to the wind.

Wings in the box
The Jang Jang wings.
sauce and veg.
Containers featuring sauce, oil, and a cucumber, onion mix.

The order contains 8 wings, each of them well seasoned, and meaty. The flavour is bold. Not spicy, but really engages the taste buds. Dipping it into the oil and the sauce just adds another layer of flavour. This made a really good, light lunch.

1928 Eatery & Pub Burger

For supper I decided to order from 1928 Eatery & Pub. This is a restaurant and pub located in the St. James Hotel. It replaced the Fox and Hound when the hotel did a major upgrade.

Their entry into Fried Chicken Fest 2022 is the Poblano Escobar Spicy Chicken Burger. This is another order that I placed through Skip, and once again, the delivery was prompt.

1928 Burger choice.
The inside view of the 1928 Chicken Burger.

There is a great mixture of ingredients in this burger. The one word that sums it up is crunch. From the toasted Kaiser bun, to the bread burger, red cabbage and pickles, every bite of this chicken burger is crunchy.

It is also a spicy burger. They use a five pepper blend to create their hot sauce. The heat isn’t overwhelming, but the heat lingers in the most giving a pleasant buzz. I don’t know if this is in bottled form. If it is, I want to add it to my list of Winnipeg Hot Sauces.

This is a hearty burger. As it was my supper I added a side soup, side salad, and spring rolls. I enjoyed them all, and I’ll write about them when I get a chance to visit 1928 down the road.

Both Brazen Hall and 1928 gave me reason to want to return for second visits. I think both have a lot more dishes that I will want to explore in the future.

I really enjoyed both of my choices for today. So far, though, the St. James Burger & Chip Co entry is my number one for the Fest. That, of course, may change over the next few days.

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