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116 Sherbrook – Two Hands – Good Neighbour

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I’m starting on some reviews of new, and new to me, restaurants.

Lloyd's Inn Surroundings (3/3)
Lloyd's Inn Surroundings (3/3)

116 Sherbrook is a new food and drink emporium in the old Stella’s location on Sherbrook Street. 116 Sherbrook is home to Two Hands restaurant, and Good Neighbour Brewery and Taproom.

Olive bowl; from Two Hands
A selection of olives from 116 Sherbrook.

As usual, I’ve made two visits. In this case I made one to taste the taproom menu, and one to taste the dining room menu.

There is an overlap in the menus of the two, mainly in the appetizers. The taproom carries most of the appetizers and the dessert and cheese options that are available in the Two Rooms restaurant.

The restaurant is in an L-shape. The dining area being the long vertical arm, while the taproom is the horizontal arm. They seem to hold roughly the same number of guests, with the tables in the taproom being closer together.

On both of my visits I sat in the dining room area.

116 Sherbrook Taproom Visit

My first visit came last week. I had been scrolling through some social media posts, and noticed a reference to 116 Sherbrook. I remember stopping outside the restaurant, but deciding not to go in.

I arrived late afternoon, and took a seat in the dining area, as it was emptier than the taproom. I was planning on a meal, but didn’t realize that the restaurant wasn’t serving food yet.

water for the table
Water by the glass and by the bottle.

One of the first things that caught my attention, is that when they brough me water, they left the bottle at the table. This means I can refill my glass as I see fit.

Fortunately, there is a good variety of items available in the taproom. I started off with the olives, pictured at the top of this post. I added an order of the chicken wings, and then finished off with the Milk Chocolate Truffle.

There are several beers and ales on tap. My first choice was the Hazy IPA, followed by the Premium Pale Lager, a Mango-Orange Hazy Creamsicle Hazy Pale on Nitro, and finished off with the non-alcoholic Hop Water. The Nitro Stout had been recommended, but unfortunately was off rotation when I visited.

The olives are seasoned with: Rosemary, Fennel, and Seaweed. I enjoyed by the variety of olives and this seasoning mixture. The hints of liquorice along with the seaweed made each olive a little different from the previous one.

116 Sherbrook Chicken Wings
A really saucy, and original take on chicken wings from 116 Sherbrook’s Good Neighbour taproom.

The chicken wings were my favourite item over the two visits. The mixture of Tahini Yogurt, Chile, and Za’atar made for a different take on chicken wings. The Chile gives a little bit of heat, while the Za’atar gives a nice, savoury edge. The wings are meaty and moist. Given the amount of sauce, a finger bowl would have been nice.

Rating my four beverages according to my preference. The Mango-Orange Creamsicle was my favourite. Not only did I enjoy the flavour, but it complemented the Milk Chocolate Truffle very well. Kudos to my server for the recommendation.

Next would be the Hazy IPA, and then the sparkling hop water. I really enjoyed this beverage. I find the trend toward zero calorie sparkling waters uninspiring. 116 Sherbrook has created a beverage that gives real flavour along with the sparkle.

Two Hands Dining Room

I went back to 116 Sherbrook yesterday, to try the Two Hands Dining Room. The first thing to say about this was I made my reservation online. I found this a very satisfying experience.

First, I was able to get a table, not a bar seat. Second, I received a reminder text, on Wednesday for Thursday. Finally, I received a second reminder about ten minutes before I was due to arrive.

On arrival I was shown to my seat. I noticed the welcome greeting I received both at the hosting stand, and from my server.

This time around, when the water came, there was no bottle. However, as my meal progressed my server, and other staff members came around frequently to make sure that my water was kept topped up.

Iberico ham for my starter
For my appetizer I chose the Iberico Chorizo.

Two Hand Dining Room at 116 Sherbrook is built on the idea of offering a five course dinner. As Two Hands is a higher end restaurant, I skipped one of the courses for the sake of my wallet. Two Hands will definitely be more of a treat visit for me. The Good Neighbour Taproom is more likely to get repeat visits.

My appetizer was the Iberico Chorizo. I like good, fatty meats. This Chorizo definitely delivers on both goodness and fattiness. A peppery seasoning with meat that melts in the mouth.

The second course was the Lamb Tartare with Kale and Anchovy. I found the Lamb to be milder in flavour to the beef Tartares that I have tried, and enjoyed the oil mixture it was served in. My one little quibble with this dish is that even after mixing in the Kale with the Lamb, the Kale kept falling off the toast.

Wild Rice, Pistachio, and confit yolk.
The Wild Rice was chewy and tasty.

The next item was the Wild Rice. This is served with Pistachios and Confit Egg Yolk. The rice here is good and chewy. Pistachios might be my favourite nut, and the Egg Yolk binds the rice and greens quite nicely.

Cheese Course
I finished off my dinner with cheese, crackers, and jam.

My final course was Cheese with Oat Crackers, and Jam. I chose the Colton Bassett Shropshire for my cheese. They also serve Golden Prairie by Loaf and Honey. I highly recommend that one, but last night was in the mood for something different.

Americano to go with the cheese.
A 116 Sherbrook Americano to go with my cheese.

The cheese is wonderful. I like the not overly sweet character of the jam, and it spreads nicely on the crispy oat crackers. I added an Americano to drink as I enjoyed the cheese.

In both the Good Neighbour Taproom, and Two Hands restaurant, 116 Sherbrook offers really good service. I think it goes above and beyond. The Two Hands meal is definitely not rushed, yet you never feel forgotten about. I had a book with me and was able to enjoy it between courses.

As I mentioned earlier, of the two areas at 116 Sherbrook, I am more likely to visit the Good Neighbour Taproom. However, as a treat, Two Hands shouldn’t be missed. 116 Sherbrook is a great addition to that neighbourhood.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.