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Delicious and yummy foods inside BFF diner | Food park | Michael's Hut
Fall Suppers

2022 Fall Suppers Return

With pandemic restrictions eased, I’m looking forward to seeing 2022 Fall Suppers make a return. I know that during the last couple of pandemic years, there were some that went to a take out method. On the whole though, fall suppers disappeared from the dining landscape. I’ve been thinking about these dinners for the last couple of weeks. It looks like this year there will be at least a few dinners for people to enjoy. For the first few years…Continue reading2022 Fall Suppers Return

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Salisbury House Memories

Salisbury House is a Winnipeg institution. A small, local chain, that is half diner, half fast-food place. It’s not a place that I visit regularly. However, there have been a couple of times in my life when Salisbury House(or Sals as it’s commonly called) was a fairly regular stop for me. The first period was about 35 years ago. I was working for Henry Armstrong’s printing in what was the old bus depot(now the Rice building). There was a Sals…Continue readingSalisbury House Memories

Food local products Reviews and Such

Winnipeg’s Best Butter Tart

Over the last little while I’ve written a couple of posts, where the purchase of a Butter Tart was part of my visit to the establishment. I’ve had some good response to this, so I thought maybe now would be the time to do a post on Winnipeg’s best Butter Tart. Obviously, such a post is only the opinion of one man. So, I don’t expect that everyone, or anyone for that matter, will agree with my choices. This is…Continue readingWinnipeg’s Best Butter Tart

Books Reviews and Such

Recipes and Reciprocity

Notice of Disclosure: I received a free review copy of Recipes and Reciprocity, from University of Manitoba Press. This was received without expectation of a positive review. All opinions in the post below are mine only. Recipes and Reciprocity: Building Relationships in Research, Edited by Hannah Tait Neufeld and Elizabeth Finnis, is best described in the editor’s opening statement: This book brings together authors from various disciplines, working in diverse geographical and cultural contexts, to discuss the ways that food and recipe…Continue readingRecipes and Reciprocity

Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

Thom Bargen Coffee – Tea

Thom Bargen is another place where I have done shorter reviews on multiple locations. Again, I’m going to combine them into one to make them more google-worthy. In addition to putting the reviews together, I’ve also included my thoughts from when I attended a lecture at St. Margaret’s, given by co-owner TJ Hiebert, on the subject of coffee culture.  Original Review Graham Avenue Underground Downtown Coffee Culture Thom Bargen has opened another location in Winnipeg. This time it is along…Continue readingThom Bargen Coffee – Tea

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Oakwood Cafe – 600 Osborne St.

Oakwood Cafe on Osborne Street falls into that category of a place that I visited before I started blogging, but haven’t visited since. The South Osborne neighbourhood is one that has transformed a lot over the last 20 years. Much like the east end of Corydon Ave. coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, have sprouted up along this street. Oakwood Cafe is one of the flagship restaurants of this renaissance. It began as a place called Samantha’s, but has existed as…Continue readingOakwood Cafe – 600 Osborne St.

Food local products

MB Food Fest 2022

MB Food Fest, which was held yesterday, fit in quite nicely with my vacation time. I bought a ticket for the late afternoon time slot. This allowed me to take a leisurely approach to getting to the event, and once done, get home by early evening. Having the Sunday off from Holy Trinity, I visited St. Margaret’s in the morning. St. Margaret’s is a parish where I spent a few years as an honourary assistant. Yesterday morning gave me a…Continue readingMB Food Fest 2022