Fusian Experience – Forks Market

The transformation of the centre of The Forks Market continues to take shape. One of the biggest changes is that most of the new food vendors are more upscale. Fusian Experience falls into this category.

Miso Soup from Fusian Experience

Fusian Experience Miso Soup.

Fusian Experience brings the flavours and styles of their Academy Road location in a stripped down version to The Forks. The menu is roughly divided in half between traditional sushi, and contemporary tapas.

Fusian Experience Sushi

On my first visit I opted for the Bento Box. This consisted of two rolls, a Dynamite Roll and a California Roll.

Fusian Experience Bento Box

The Fusian Experience Bento Box

I found this a little disappointing. Firstly, the shrimp in the dynamite roll was a little on the overdone side. Secondly, at $12.00 for two medium sized roll this just doesn’t seem like all that great a deal. I also ordered the SunoMono Salad and the Miso Soup. The Salad was the best of the three items. The Octopus was fresh, with just the right amount of chew to it. The noodles were prepared really well, and I really enjoyed the multiple thin slices of cucumber, with the sharp, vinegary dressing.

The Miso soup is one of the better ones I’ve had. The broth is rich. There are not only plenty of Soy bits, but also the soup was teeming with scallions and seaweed.

Fusian Experience Tapas

My next trip to Fusian Experience I decided I would give a try to something from the Tapas menu. My two choices were the Sushi Pizza and the Sushi Lettuce Wraps.

The Pizza is particularly tasty. The flavours leap out at you, with the Spicy Sesame Sauce really holding everything together.

Fusian Experience

The flavours in the Sushi Pizza are vibrant.

With the Lettuce wraps, the flavours and textures really work together well in combination. The only problem I had with the is that the Romaine Leaves were so crisp that when I tried to roll them they tended to snap and the ingredients fall all over my arm. In the end I ate most of the dish with knife and fork and the lettuce leaves by themeselves.

Fusian Experience salad rolls

Great tasting lettuce rolls, but hard to wrap.

If I visit again, I’ll definitely be choosing the Tapas menu as my starting point. While the sushi menu is good, the Tapas menu is just that much better. Also, be prepared to put out a fair bit of cash if you are looking for a full meal. I do think that being in a food court, albeit it a nice one, there should be some downward adjustment in the prices to reflect the fact that you’re not getting the full restaurant dining experience.

The service is good. I like the fact that they give you a little alarm to keep with you at your table until your order is ready. With most things being made from scratch it takes a bit longer, and it’s nice to be able to sit and not have to strain to hear your order called above the general food court din.

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Fighting Mac – Remembrance Day

Events of Remembrance Day caught up with me, and so I’m publishing this reflection on my Great-Grandfather William “Fighting Mac” McKenzie a couple of days late.

In a few hours I will have the honour of leading the Remembrance Day service at St. Philip’s. As priest at St. Philip’s I also serve as padre for the Norwood-St.Boniface Legion Branch #43. One aspect of being the padre that is significant for me is that my great-grandfather William “Fighting Mac” McKenzie, was also a padre.

That however is where the similar ends. For one thing Fighting Mac was a larger than life individual. He was several inches taller, and many pounds heavier. He was dynamic and charismatic. Most importantly he was a chaplain in the trenches. While have the privilege of serving at my local Legion Branch, my great-grandfather served at Gallipoli, and in France.

The war took a great toll on him and on his family.

Fighting Mac Statue

Statue unveiled by my Great-Grandfather William “Fighting Mac” McKenzie. Photo credit June Kindiak. Fighting Mac’s granddaughter and my aunt.

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Montanas Cookhouse – Saint Vital Centre

I found myself up at Saint Vital Centre the other day, and couldn’t decide where to eat. There are a lot of choice in the area, but none struck my fancy. In the end I went with Montanas Cookhouse, because it was closest to where I crossed the street.

By nature I’m not a fan of chains. I prefer local, but once in a while I’ll give a chain a try. Montana’s is one of these places that I’m sure I visited ages ago. Like most of those, I have not real memory of the food. What I do remember I’ll be talking about later in the review.

Montanas Cookhouse steak sauce

The house branded steak sauce is one of the best things about Montanas Cookthouse

The space at Montanas is large and open. Neither time that I dined there was it so full that they shunted me off to the lounge. It also means that there is generally a little space around you as well. Continue reading

Graham Avenue Chili Hits Spot

For years Twist Cafe on Graham Avenue was my favourite haunt. So much so, that Soups, Sandwiches & More was totally neglected. Or almost so. The did cater a couple of events I attended, but I never got a good idea of what they served.

Soups, Sandwiches, more chili

A very meaty chili from Soups, Sandwiches, More

As of last year, Fools and Horses is my new favourite place. So, I don’t go down Graham Avenue as much as I used to. However, the other day I was in the area, and thought to myself, maybe I should give Soups, Sandwiches, & More a try.

The first thing I notice when I enter that service is cafeteria style. They have a large menu, so you may need to stand back a little so that you can take it all in. There are several people working behind the counter, so my order is taken quite efficiently. I order the Thai Peanut Salad, and a bowl of the chili. The chili is listed under the soups, at a cost of a dollar extra.

The other thing that strikes me is the variety of table configurations, 2-tops, 4-tops, and a couple of tables with couches if you are looking for a little added comfort.

Soups, Sandwiches, More, Thai Peanut Salad

Thai peanut salad

When I receive my chili, I see why. It is more a chili soup than a chili. Despite that it is quite good. There is good spiciness to it, and there is a heaping portion of ground beef in the bowl. The salad is a little less inspiring. It’s largely a garden salad, with a few peanuts, and a container of salad dressing on the side. Again though, like the chili, the portion is quite generous.

One ting that caught my attention over lunch is that Soups, Salads, and More is also open for breakfast. I knew that would be my next visit.

Graham Avenue Breakfast Stop

Soups, Sandwiches, & More opens early (6:30 am) for breakfast. Keeping that fact in mind I show up about 20 minutes before breakfast service ends (11:00 am). I order the basic breakfast. Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and rye toast. That is my go to combo for breakfast. There is a variety of coffees on offer, but I settle for a medium roast. The coffee is simply all right.

Graham Avenue breakfast

A hearty breakfast, downtown on Graham Avenue

The breakfast though is quite good. The bacon is crispy, the eggs are well cooked, and the potatoes aren’t mushy. The toast comes well buttered, and best of all they offer marmalade as one of their spread alternatives. Also, they bring two containers of the marmalade.

Soups, Sandwiches, More rye toast

Toast to go with the breakfast special

Soups, Sandwiches, More marmalade

Enough marmalade to cover both slices of toast quite nicely.

The service here is quite fast. This is a place I’ll be keeping in mind when I’m downtown and in a hurry. Good, solid comfort food to send you on your way.

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Chicken Fingers Still Star – Mitzi’s

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Chicken Fingers, Mitzi’s is the first restaurant that comes to mind. However it’s been a few years since my last visit. So, I wonder is it just a memory are they still as good. Over the last couple of weeks I stopped there for a lunch a couple of more times.

I am happy to report that the Chicken Fingers are as good as I remember them. I’m also happy to report that if you stray from the Chicken Fingers things will be pretty good as well.

Mitzi's Chicken Fingers and Fries

Chicken Fingers and Fries, the dish that made Mitzi’s famous

Chicken Fingers for Lunch:

Mitzi’s is quite close to Holy Trinity, so it’s conveniently located for lunch. Also, I’m already on my way back to St. Philip’s anytime I stop in. Continue reading