Ordination Anniversary Celebration

The last year referred to here, was 2017, my 9th ordination anniversary.  Last year on Saint Andrew’s day I celebrated the day and my ordination anniversary with a variety of Scottish food and beverages. This year is a milestone year, as yesterday marked 10 years of ordained ministry. Ordination Anniversary Planning Given that I thought I try and do something a little special and celebrate the day with some good single malt, among other things. In preparation for the day,…Continue readingOrdination Anniversary Celebration

Reviews and Such

Across the Board Game Cafe

I am re-reviewing Across the Board Game Café. I’ve been a couple of times since I last made a brief update about their new location. I must confess, that, despite visiting here several times, I have never once played any of the games. Nonetheless, Across the Board offers good food, and a really good place to be if you like to sit and read a book while you are eating (a favourite pastime of mine). It should be noted, that…Continue readingAcross the Board Game Cafe

Reviews and Such Restaurants Shawarma

Baraka Pita Bakery – North Main

Last month was Diocesan Synod. I went to Baraka Pita for supper on the Friday night. That’s the opening night of the Synod, with a Eucharist at St. John’s Cathedral. When I went to look up places down  North Main, I was surprised that it was late 2015 when I first visited Baraka Pita Bakery. So I figured that seven years between visits made it a good candidate for a revisit. I ended up giving myself a good amount of…Continue readingBaraka Pita Bakery – North Main

Books Reviews and Such

Koshersoul – Michael W. Twitty

Koshersoul is the second book from Michael W. Twitty, the author of The Cooking Gene. I read The Cooking Gene a couple of years ago. I found it a riveting read. As soon as I saw that Koshersoul was available I ordered it. Koshersul is a very timely book. We see new outbreaks and outbursts of Anti-Semitism all over the place, particularly on the internet. Much of this is done through rehashing old, discredited lies such as the Protocols of the…Continue readingKoshersoul – Michael W. Twitty

Reviews and Such Books Recipes

The Cooking Gene – Michael W Twitty

The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South,  by Michael W. Twitty is another book that I picked up from the Millennium Library’s New and Noted Section. If you can get past all the latest and greatest diet and nutrition fad books, there are generally one or two worthwhile titles to pick up and read. I was particularly interested in this book after having recently read John T. Edge’s the Potlikker papers. *Before I…Continue readingThe Cooking Gene – Michael W Twitty

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Leopold’s Tavern, Village and Henderson

Leopold’s Tavern is a small sports bar chain in Western Canada. There are 20 soon to be 21 locations. I managed to visit two Leopold’s Tavern sites here in Winnipeg while on vacation. Both of these visits were of the unplanned variety. I had traveled down Henderson Highway one day, hoping to visit a couple of bakeries. One wasn’t open, and the other had not seating yet. My Osborne Village visit came after I had made my trip to   …Continue readingLeopold’s Tavern, Village and Henderson