Leftovers From Food Truck Wars

ManyFest is over for another year. With the end of ManyFest comes the end of the Food Truck Wars. Just like a meal often leaves leftovers, so to there are leftovers from this event.

Despite a bit of an inauspicious start, the weekend seemed to go over real well. I was back at the Food Truck Wars on Sunday and by four o’clock, several trucks had already reached the point where the were sold out. I didn’t make it Saturday, but a friend told me that the trucks all sold out Saturday, as well. Given that twenty-five trucks participated that’s a huge number of meals sold.Food Truck Wars SignThe downside to that was that there were more trucks than you could reasonably make it through during the course of the weekend. Peg City Grub used two people to make it through all the trucks for judging purposes. This will also be the eventual location for finding out who won. Continue reading

Grass Fed Grill

Grass Fed Grill is one of the newer trucks in Winnipeg. I first saw it at the Red River Ex. When I saw it there, it was promoting a variety of Manitoba products. Now it is selling burgers. As the name suggests, the truck is focused on selling burgers from cows that are being grass fed in the pasture.

Grass Fed GrillGas Fed Grill is one truck that I’ve been having a little trouble tracking down. The first time I tried them was at MEME2014. I was able to order on the Saturday, but when I went Sunday, the truck was there but empty. Then Friday I went to ManyFest, and when I got to the truck, it turned out to that they had not gotten their Hydro. Finally, this afternoon I got to make a second trip. These are my thoughts. Continue reading

Up South barbeque Truck

It’s ManyFest weekend here in Winnipeg. Yesterday I took in the first day of the Food Truck Wars. Wanting to try some of the new trucks I went at lunch and at supper. One of the new trucks is Up South barbeque. I hadn’t come across Up South barbeque on the streets, but was aware of it as friends had tried it, and recommended it to me.

Up South barbeque was the first of the trucks I visited yesterday. It was not long after the 11 am opening when I got there, and it turned out that they didn’t have the full menu ready yet. That turned out to be all right however. Taking what was available, I ordered the jambalaya. When supper came around I figured I would go and give one of the other menu items a try and ordered the half-rack of ribs combo.

Up South barbeque Food Truck Wars

UpSouth a new entry in the Food Trucks Wars


Prices for entrees range from $6.00 for the pulled pork sandwich to $19.00 for the full rack of ribs combo. The combo includes fries and coleslaw. The jambalaya came in at $7.00. I wasn’t sure about the jambalaya at first, but it turned out to be a large, satisfying portion. My half rack of ribs ($11.00) came in with 5 large, meaty ribs, and plenty of fries plus coleslaw. 4.5/5 Continue reading

Food Truck Wars at ManyFest

ManyFest has arrived, and with it the Food Truck Wars.  I plan on writing a couple of reviews over the weekend, but today I’m starting with a post about the day itself..

Food Truck Wars SignThere was a bit of bad news about the day, so I’ll dispense with that first. The Food Truck Wars got off to a bit of an inauspicious start. Two or three trucks were without power to start the day. A few more weren’t ready to serve at the 11 am starting news. However that’s most of the bad news. The other bit of bad news is that while they did away with tickets (good) they also did away with the sampling menu (bad).

With 20+ trucks out at the event, paying for full-sized portions limits the number of trucks a person can try. Partly because of the dollar cost, partly because that’s simply too much food, unless your name is Kobayashi.

Food Truck Wars Good News:

The good news in all of this is, you’re bound to find something you like. Oneadvantage of an event like the ManyFest Food Truck Wars is that all the trucks are arranged within one block. This means you don’t have to travel several blocks of Broadway to see who is out. Of course, you do burn more calories that way. Continue reading

MAKE Coffee + Stuff

Last weekend I was at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. Winnipeg serving as host of the event shows how far coffee culture in Manitoba has come. I’ve had the chance to try many of the new places. One that I visited last year but haven’t been back to is MAKE Coffee + Stuff on Corydon. MAKE is nestled in a small store front locale, and offers a quiet break from the general bustle of the Corydon Avenue strip.

Make Coffee Front Window

While offering many of the same beverages as many other coffee bars, it’s the Stuff that separates MAKE Coffee + Stuff from the others. First off is their funky lighting system. A variety of spotlights, etc. hanging from a frame on the ceiling. Secondly, MAKE Coffee has regular installations and displays from the people they refer to as their makers. Whether or not they all work there as Baristas or not, I haven’t been frequently enough to know. Continue reading

Prairie Regional Barista Championships

This past weekend Winnipeg hosted the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. It’s hard to believe how much the coffee culture in Winnipeg has changed in about three years. 2011 was when Parlour coffee opened on Main Street. Parlour was also one of my early reviews.  Since then Little Sister, Thom Bargen, Cafe Postal, and Make have all opened. The desire for specialty coffee has even spread south to Winkler, where you can find Johnny’s Java.

Video: Learning About Pour Overs at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships

This has produced a thriving coffee community. So much so, that the Prairie Regional Barista Championships were held here. The first time in seven years they had been held outside of Alberta. I heard about them thanks to a poster at Thom Bargen Continue reading