Coffee Culture, Thom Hiebert

For the last year and a half or so, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church has been offering a Thursday Night Lecture Series. Some of the lectures focus on deep theological issues, such as next weeks lecture by David Widdicombe, the Rector, on Wars & Rumours of Wars. Other evenings have seen members of St. Margaret’s present on their art. Still others, such as last night’s lecture on Coffee Culture, by Thom Hiebert, of Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea, see members of the broader community of which the parish is part offer lectures on various topics.

Setting up for Coffee Culture lecture

Thom setting up in preparation for the coffee culture lecture.

Fresh Coffee Culture:

I guess I would have to consider myself as someone on the fringes of coffee culture. I visit coffee bars such as Thom Bargen on a semi-frequent basis. I also attended the Prairie Barista Championships in the hopes of learning more about the world of coffee.  So, I’m always interested in hearing stories about why such places exist and what they mean to people. Continue reading

Fall Suppers – Winnipeg

With the arrival of fall, comes the arrival of fall suppers. If you live outside of Winnipeg, or like to travel outside of the city for your fall supper, there is a great web resource put together by Orest Kinasevych.  I didn’t see a corresponding list for fall suppers in the city, so I have decided to start one. I’ve put out some requests, but could use a few more suppers to fill out the list. If you know of a fall supper happening in Winnipeg, let me know, and I will add it to the list.

Fall Supper

More Fall Potluck than Fall Supper, but it captures the idea quite well.

St. Basil the Great Parish – Perogy Supper, Fri, Sept 26, Fall Supper Sat, Oct 18

Perogy Supper: Fri Sep 26, 4-7pm

Fall Supper – Sat, Oct 18, 2014.

4 & 6 pm sittings: Adults-$15.00; 12 & under-$7.00
Tickets: John 204-889-3768 / Harry 204-832-0265


St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church Fall Supper – Sunday, September 28th

St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church 35 Marcie Street. 2 sittings: 3 & 5:30 p.m. Adults: $15; Children (6-12): $5; Under 5: free Tickets Anne 204-697-0482 or Lena 204-339-2269 Continue reading

Extreme Pita Kenaston

I don’t spend much time in the Kenaston Common area. I have visited Supper Central on a couple of occasions, but given that the area is pedestrian and transit unfriendly, it’s not high on my destination list. Recently though, I’ve had the odd opportunity to be in the area, and have gone for lunch at the Extreme Pita located there.

Extreme Pita is not new to me, as I have visited the one by the University of Winnipeg in the past. However, that was quite a while ago. One of the things that I remember from that location was that the pita had a tendency to fall apart because they were stuffed so full.

Extreme Pita Nutritional Guide

The pita I had the first time I was at the Kenaston location didn’t seem quite so full, although the one my lunch partner had was fuller(largely more lettuce). On the second visit I had the grilled flatbread pita. Essentially a pizza on pita. My lunch partner on this occasion had the chicken teriyaki pita, and it too was very fully stuffed. Continue reading

Dim Sum Victoria Seafood

I’ve written before of my deanery, and the priests (clericus) that I work with. Except for July and August, the clericus tries to get together every month. These  meetings are chances to find out what is happening in our lives. What is happening in our parishes. What is happening in the broader communities that we are a part of. I’ve found this to be a helpful and supportive practice as I’m still getting used to parish life.

Dim Sum Green Tea

Generally we meet in one of the parishes. Once a while, though, we head out to a restaurant. This month our meeting was a little later than most. This made scheduling it for a parish hard. Instead we decided to meet for Dim Sum at Victoria Seafood restaurant on St. Mary’s Road.

Ambience wise Victoria Seafood doesn’t have a lot going for it. It looks like every other Chinese restaurant that existed in the 70’s and 80′. One thing it does have going for it is that it is a fairly spacious room. That means there are plenty of seating choices which give a degree of privacy even in an open room.

Dim Sum MenuIn the end there were four of us, but only three went for the Dim Sum. We tried nine different items between us. One reason for going with the Dim Sum is it’s also great value. Our whole order including a pot of green tea, came to under $32.00 including tax. It was definitely a protein heavy lunch, as there were only a few items on the Dim Sum list that contained more than desultory amounts of vegetables. Continue reading

Leftovers From Food Truck Wars

ManyFest is over for another year. With the end of ManyFest comes the end of the Food Truck Wars. Just like a meal often leaves leftovers, so to there are leftovers from this event.

Despite a bit of an inauspicious start, the weekend seemed to go over real well. I was back at the Food Truck Wars on Sunday and by four o’clock, several trucks had already reached the point where the were sold out. I didn’t make it Saturday, but a friend told me that the trucks all sold out Saturday, as well. Given that twenty-five trucks participated that’s a huge number of meals sold.Food Truck Wars SignThe downside to that was that there were more trucks than you could reasonably make it through during the course of the weekend. Peg City Grub used two people to make it through all the trucks for judging purposes. This will also be the eventual location for finding out who won. Continue reading

Grass Fed Grill

Grass Fed Grill is one of the newer trucks in Winnipeg. I first saw it at the Red River Ex. When I saw it there, it was promoting a variety of Manitoba products. Now it is selling burgers. As the name suggests, the truck is focused on selling burgers from cows that are being grass fed in the pasture.

Grass Fed GrillGas Fed Grill is one truck that I’ve been having a little trouble tracking down. The first time I tried them was at MEME2014. I was able to order on the Saturday, but when I went Sunday, the truck was there but empty. Then Friday I went to ManyFest, and when I got to the truck, it turned out to that they had not gotten their Hydro. Finally, this afternoon I got to make a second trip. These are my thoughts. Continue reading