JustEat Online Ordering & Giveaway


*JustEat provided a credit in exchange for trying their service. In no way was a positive review a condition of this credit.  Opinions expressed below are solely those of the author.

JustEat or more fully, Don’t Cook,Just Eat is the second online ordering company I’ve had the opportunity to try this month. As more people are online than ever, it makes sense that they would want to be able to order food online. People also value choice more than ever. So, it would make sense to have a service that offers many choices in one place.

That is one of the real strengths of sites like JustEat.  You can quickly scan through a wide variety of choices in a short time.  The website is designed to make moving back and forth between different restaurants easy for you. Continue reading

Red Top Drive Inn

Over the last few months, I’ve featured a lot of the restaurants that are in the vicinity of St. Philip’s. Most of these have been North and or East of the church. At the same time, my job involves me working at St. Mark’s as well. St. Mark’s is located further south off of St. Mary’s just past where St. Anne’s diverges. There are several restaurants along the route, one of the most notable being the Red Top Restaurant.

Red Top Sign

Red Top Review

The Red Top Drive Inn is a classic diner. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and supper. They’ve also teamed up with SkiptheDishes to offer delivery service throughout the day. From the street the building doesn’t look all that imposing.  However, when you enter you discover it is divided into two sections separated by the kitchen and front counter. There is plenty of seating, but you are likely to find the restaurant very crowded at peak hours. The first time I thought of going, I found there was a large line up waiting for a seat, and so decided to put off visiting that day. Continue reading

Espresso Junction (Forks)

Earlier this year, when I started working the Norwood area, I was glad to find Finales nearby. Sadly, Finales has had to close. This means I am without a good quality coffee shop nearby the church. For those who wonder, neither McD’s or the place named for that hockey player qualify. I will occasionally go to Cafe Postal, but it’s quite a hike. For now, heading off to Espresso Junction at The Forks is the next best thing.

Espresso Junction Sign

There are two specialty coffee shops at The Forks.  The Human Bean in the main market area, and Espresso Junction in the Johnston Terminal.  Both are locally owned and operated businesses, which is something I look for when choosing a coffee shop. While I do occasionally visit the Human Bean I prefer Espresso Junction.  Firstly, I think that the coffee they serve is of a better quality.  Secondly, I find that it is easier to relax at the tables which they have that look outside the windows of the Johnston Terminal. Continue reading

BURGERS R us Food Truck

I was visiting the Peg City Grub blog today, and discovered that there are still many food trucks that I haven’t visited. On that list are: A Little Pizza Heaven, Corn on the Curb, Golden Boy Sandwich, Grass Fed Grill, Half Moon, Smokin Haut, Pizzapotomus, Waki Temaki, and Up South BBQ. Two that are not on the list are Island Fusion and BURGERS R us.

Last week I gave Island Fusion a try. This week I took the chance to try BURGERS R us. BURGERS R us is a bright red truck with flame broiled burgers pictured on the back.  The flame broiling on the back gives a good illustration of what goes on in the truck.  As I walked down Broadway today, the smoke billowing from the stack made me think that one of the trucks might have caught on fire.  Fortunately it was only burgers being cooked. So here’s is my take on the truck.

Burgers R Us Truck


BURGERS R us sells burgers and hot dogs.  Most of the items on the menu are $8.50 to $10.00 which includes a side.  Fries, burgers, and hot dogs are all sold individually at $6-6.50. Both the burger and hot dog that I had were large in size, with a good amount of topping. As combo the items are a really good buy. Individually the burger and hot dog are good pies. Given the size of the dish, the fries at $6.00 are a little high. Drinks are $2.00 each for cans, a little high. 4/5 Continue reading

Swiss Chalet Delivered

I’ve had the chance to try a couple of online delivery services in the last month or so. Both Justeat and SkiptheDishes proved themselves to have good website with excellent customer service. This past week I had the opportunity to try an online restaurant. In this case Swiss Chalet.  The biggest difference was that Swiss Chalet had more bells and whistles.  Most notably pictures of each item on the menu.  Other than that the website experience was awful.

Swiss Chalet Website Trouble.

The first problem was with their honey glazed chicken.  It is listed as a summer special on the front page of the website. However, on the actual menu it’s listed as $14.99 the same as the regular half chicken. When you try and order it though, you can only order as the $17.99 special.  I tried several times to take the extra dish off and it wouldn’t work. Plus, there was a $.50 extra charge for the Southwest salad that wasn’t listed. I would have changed it, but it showed up in such away that I didn’t noticed until payment details were entered. Then they got messed up on the address. The only good thing about the online ordering was that SkiptheDishes and not Swiss Chalet handles the actual order. SkiptheDishes phoned very quickly and got the correct address. They also made sure it arrived in the allotted time. Continue reading

Island Fusion Food Truck

When I wrote about the Red River Ex, I mentioned that there was a truck serving wings that would soon be serving Caribbean food out on the street. Well, I’m pleased to say, that truck is now on Winnipeg’s streets. It’s called Island Fusion. Island Fusion offers traditional Caribbean comfort food, but with a modern, local twist.

If you follow Dining with Donald with any regularity, you know that the time I spent working at Holy Trinity Anglican Church gave me a real appreciation for Caribbean cuisine.  Having taken the time to visit Island Fusion, I can only say that appreciation has increased. Here goes my review.

Island Fusion


The dishes at Island Fusion range from $6.00 for the Cassava Fries to $10.00 for the Roti, with the other dishes fitting with in that range.  Portion sizes are generally good, while the Cassava Fries qualifies as huge.  If you dine with another person, I’d suggest you each buy one main, and split an order of Cassava Fries between you.  It’s your best buy and you will both be satisfied.  4.25/5 Continue reading

Manitoba Made Products

Monday I wrote about the new Farmer’s Market on Broadway. This year, with all the wet weather, the fruit and vegetables have been a little slow in arriving. In addition, the quality has been a little on the low side so far. However, there are still lots of Manitoba made products showing up in these markets.

Over the last few weeks I’ve tried several different Manitoba made items.  Most of these have been at the Farmer’s Market, but one was being sold off of a bicycle on the street. I’m going to pair up some of these items, because they have a degree of similarity.

The first two Manitoba made products are Jennifer Lee’s Gluten Free Cracker Crisps and the Habanero Crunchies from Barb’s Kitchen.  When  I bought the cracker chips from Jennifer, she said that she was worker on making them a little thinner to add more crunch to them.  That would be a nice addition, but the flavour is really good, and they are well designed for dipping or spreading a little cream cheese on.  The Habanero Crunchies have more of a breadstick texture to them.  Despite being named Habanero they are not particularly spicy, which makes them good to serve when you have a diverse group of people over.  They would also be good added to a salad to give it a little bit more of a crunch.

Continue reading