Potato Salad aux Glorieux

Last month I signed up for a blogging contest through the Food Bloggers of Canada.  The contest is sponsored by The Little Potato Company which operates out of Edmonton, Alberta. The Little Potato Company is not only committed to growing great potatoes, but doing so in ways that help make potatoes a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative in our pantries.

The challenge was to create a recipe using their potatoes. To give us plenty of opportunity to do the job right, we received not only bags of the potatoes, but coupons as well. As I looked through the varieties of potato available, I noticed that they sold a product called the Terrific Trio, which featured blue, white, and red potatoes, ou en Francais, bleu, blanc, et rouge. The colours of my favourite hockey team.

Potato Terrific Trio

The Little Potato Company Terrific Trio

As I tried out the various samples I had received, I learned a couple of things. The main one being that the blue potatoes don’t hold their colour as well when boiled. They taste great, they’re just not as blue. Besides if I wanted something blue that faded when it got into hot water, I’d make a dish honouring the Maple Leafs. Continue reading

Gluten Free Apple Pie

One of the gifts in my MB holiday gift basket was a set of frozen gluten free almond pie shells by Piccola Cucina. I’m not much of a pie maker. So, I kept trying to figure out what I wanted to make with them. Should I try something savoury to work against the sweetness of the shells, or, should I go for super sweet. In the end I decided to go with something a little tart.

There were two pie shells in the package, so the recipe below makes enough to fill both shells.

Gluten Free Pie Shells

Gluten Free Pie Shells Waiting to be filled

Gluten Free Apple Pie


2 – sweetened 8″ almond pie shells from Picola Cucina (frozen and premade)

5 – Large Granny Smith Apples

1/2 Cup – Butter (more or less to your own tastes)

4 Tbs – Demerara Sugar

Zest and juice of one lime Continue reading

Pub Night St. Philip’s

Last Friday we held a Pub Night at St. Philip’s. The purpose of the pub night was to raise money towards the cost of the roof we replaced this summer. We were assisted by members of St. Paul Fort Garry Anglican Church. In addition to providing social type food, (garlic sausage, cheese, etc.) Geoff Woodcroft, the incumbent Priest at Fort Garry, brought along The Narwhals, the band he is part of.

It was a fun evening for everyone who attended. While I don’t have any food photos of the night, I do have three videos of songs where I sat in with The Narwhals. I hope you enjoy.

Brazilian Wine Pub Night


Pub Night Videos


Spicy Noodle House

I don’t find myself in Osborne Village all that frequently. Certainly not as much as I did in my immediate post university days, when I lived nearby. Even then I didn’t eat there very often. However, I still get there a couple of times a year. If I’m looking for a bite to eat, especially if I’m a little rushed for time, one of my favourite stops is the Spicy Noodle House.

Spicy Noodle House is located on Osborne between River and Stradbrook. It’s easy to miss because you have to descend to the basement are of the building it’s located in. However, much like Little Sister Coffee Maker, it’s a basement you don’t want to bypass.

Spicy Noodle House Menu

Spicy Noodle House Menu

One of the things I’ve always liked about the Spicy Noodle House, is that they take the word spicy seriously. They advertise themselves as authentic Northern Cuisine. I’m not overly familiar with Chinese food, but I do believe the Northern Region is the one most known for spice. Continue reading