Cafe Asanté, Winnipeg Square

A few days before Christmas I had a fall. It was on one of those really icy days, and as I stepped out of my apartment building my feet went out from under and I bounced down three steps, badly bruising my tail bone. One result of this is that I have been doing more indoor walking in the last few weeks. From a restaurant view this took me back to Flavour Fusion in Winnipeg Square, and recently to Cafe Asanté, also in Winnipeg Square.

Cafe Asanté operates from 7 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday. They offer a variety of breakfast items, while the lunch menu primarily consists of wraps, sandwiches and salads along with a couple of specials that are available. The menu is largely Indian and Caribbean influenced.

Cafe Asanté Sign

The sign outside the restaurant.

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Palm Tree Restaurant

It’s interesting how you can live so close to a restaurant and never visit. For many years, I lived to blocks from Rasoi, an Indian Restaurant just off the corner of Ellice and Sherbrook. I don’t think I ever went in, although I do recall someone bringing their Samosas to some event. Then, one day, Rasoi was gone. I don’t know what I missed. However, with the space being taken over by Palm Tree Restaurant, I don’t really care either.Palm Tree Door

Palm Tree Restaurant is, and I stand to be corrected, Winnipeg’s first Somali restaurant. Having been a couple of times I certainly hope that it won’t be Winnipeg’s only Somali restaurant. On both of my visits here the food was of extremely high quality, and the service very friendly and welcoming. Continue reading

Flavour Fusion

One thing I find with Food Courts is that they tend to be pretty much the same. The two most notable exceptions that I can think of are underground downtown. The food court at 201 Portage has a couple of interesting places, as does the one in the Shops of Winnipeg Square. In the latter isFlavour Fusion.

Flavour Fusion serves wraps, salads, and platters. As well, you can do a make your own meal with a choice of up to 2 meat and 2 side items. The first time I went I had the Shwarma platter. I didn’t find it particularly great, but the portion size was substantial and the price is very reasonable.

I went looking for pictures of this one, but I think I may have accidently deleted them from my phone when I was trying to clean up my disk space.

Flavour Fusion

Mongolian Beef and Noodle

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Baba’s TallGrass Pantry

Happy New Year everyone. I’ve let it be know in the past that I’m a real fan of Tall Grass Prairie Bakery. I also really like their Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, especially the cold pressed Sunflower Seed oil they sell. I enjoy the oil on popcorn and have used it to create one of my pork stew recipes.  So, when I heard that Tall Grass was opening Baba’s TallGrass Pantry and selling perogie meals I was intrigued. Baba's Tall Grass Pantry Sign

I paid my first visit to Baba’s in early December. I wasn’t overwhelmed with the quality of my meal the first time around. Generally speaking I found that everything was on the overcooked side. Particularly the cabbage roll which I found quite mushy. The one part of the meal that I did quite enjoy was the borscht. Good flavour with plenty of cabbage in it. Continue reading