Nick’s on Broadway

Last month I wrote about the Palm Tree Restaurant, located on Ellice by Sherbrook in the old Rasoi location. In the post I commented on how I had never been to Rasoi. Today I’m writing about Nick’s on Broadway. Nick’s is also located on the site of a former restaurant. In this case the late, and in my view, not particularly lamented, selFISH Sushi.

Nicks signs

The window sign for Nick’s on Broadway.

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Chili-Lime Chicken Vegetable Soup

Last night I made a Chili-Lime Chicken Vegetable Soup as my entry in a soup-making contest to help raise awareness of SoupBee. Soup Bee is a social enterprise run out of the West Broadway Community Organization. I was excited about the competition for a few reasons. I think social enterprises are a great concept. I’ve connected on an off with some of the programs out of the West Broadway Community Organization. The event was held at a place I’ve had a chance to visit, the Knox Community Kitchen. Finally, I got a chance to actually cook together, in a fashion, with some of my food blogger pals.

The competition line-up included(in no particular order) Susie Parker, Getty Stewart, Jordan Cieciwa, Katie Nicholson, Rebecca Hadfield, Natalie Bell, Trina Gallop.

The main organizer of the event was Shel Zolkewich, who can’t be thanked enough for all the hard work she put in. One interesting aspect of the evening was making soup while being videoed. Fortunately, our videographer, Ian McCausland made that all go smoothly. Soup making is hungry work. Happily, that was tastily taken care of with snacks from Ben Kramer of Diversity Foods.

The judges chili

The judges. My Chili-Lime Chicken Vegetable Soup had already been sampled when I took the picture.

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Aalto’s, Men’s Breakfast

One of the little interesting tidbits from the Grey Owl dinner I went to a couple of weeks ago, was that the meal began with grace. That’s rather uncommon at public, non-church gatherings. Even more uncommon was that as clergy in attendance, I wasn’t the one called on to say grace. I was thinking about that this morning as I attended the St. Margaret’s Men’s Breakfast at Aalto’s in the Pembina Highway Canadinn.

As a priest I am, in one sense, always on the job. Yet there are places and groups where that is more in theory than in practice. The St. Margaret’s men’s group is one of those places. Sure, I’ve acted in my priestly role at the men’s retreat, but more often than not the men’s group is a place where I can sit around and chat and share the ups and downs of life (priests have those too, though I’m sure you know that).

Aaltos coffee

Coffee at Aaltos was ready almost as soon as we sat down.

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Pancake House-Pembina Highway

I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of memories connected to specific restaurants. One or two but not a lot. The Original Pancake House on Pembina Highway is one of the few, and even then it’s more an association than a memory. I associate the Pancake House with meetings. Whether they be committee meetings, or brainstorming meetings, or occasionally meetings with someone such as the Bishop. Almost every trip to the Pancake House has been for some sort of meeting.

Pancake House Sign

Pancake House sign taken at night, through a snowstorm.

This last week I went by myself for breakfast, but just prior to that I had been their with some colleagues from the Diocese. One of the aspects of the restaurant that makes it such a good place for groups to gather is that there are a lot of tables, and they are far enough apart that you feel you have enough privacy for your conversations.

Pancake House Breakfast:

The Pancake House menu has a large range of options on it.  So many in fact that even if you dislike pancakes, you can still find plenty of alternatives to satisfy your hunger. When I went on the evening to meet with my colleagues I wasn’t overly hungry so I decided to go with the poutine. I’d describe it as meh. The gravy tasted like it came from a package and they used grated marble cheese rather than cheese curds. Still. it’s an improvement over plain fries, especially if. like me, you don’t like ketchup.

Pancake House Poutine

Pancake House Poutine

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